Friday, September 17, 2010

Flipkart : India ka Apna Amazon!

I just love this website. Since long time I was looking for a Indian website which will give me power to order the books which I keep looking at Amazon and do not order due to various reasons. Although Amazon rocks with its reviews and gives lot of confidence when buying a book.

Flipkart has changed the scene with lot of books available, both Indian and International Edition. When I first used their service I smelled Amazon :) ..Well later in a magazine I read that both the founders had a small stint @ Amazon :).

What I like :
  • Intuitive website design
  • Good collection of books, both Indian and International authors.
  • Get to order a book which is recently released Internationally
  • Super fast delivery - almost got all my orders till date within 3 days of order placed
  • Good packing in bubble wrap
  • Cash on Delivery option : This is something everybody will love as you not get bothered by Internet Payments.
  • Good search mechanism
  • Free delivery of books
What needs improvement:
  • Make website design with less clutter
  • Special attention to Book Reviews and Book view page should have less Ads!
  • Please give Bookmarks with all books :)
  • Need to have star rating on book reviews
  • Give more discounts on International Editions!
Overall the idea rocks!. I am sure they will go long way with their innovation and offer more discounts on international editions to have more buyers! I have not used their other items which they sell too like Mobiles, gifts etc.

I wish they can also influence some International publishers to publish Indian Editions of books available outside India.

I wish them good luck!

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