Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cost of living in Singapore for Bachelor not sharing Apartment - 2009

So here I am with another post for my bachelor friends who do not want to share apartment. Which is a preference of many I know. Well it is a personal choice and it does works out well for the convenience and privacy one prefers for herself or himself.

In Singapore as you know that Rental expenses make most % of the your salary. So when you are not sharing apartment, all the things like utility, internet, grocery etc is also not shared. Another observation I made in these years is that one who do not share apartment as bachelor with others, generally stay on Condo’s !. So there you go …..


As you can see not sharing apartment does increases your rent as a major expense. You should notice that again these are some of the basic expenses you need to incur for living. You can try and squeeze the budget for sometime, but understand that once you have spent sometime in a country your expenses will gradually go up. 

The biggest assumption in all my calculations here is that no annual expenses or large medical expenses are budgeted. They are important and you must add those to the monthly cost of living figure. For a bachelor if you are flying to any Indian destination from Singapore, you would need to pay around $400-$1000 as air fare for single trip for economy class. You must add these expenses in your calculations in case you want to build a plan for yearly savings calculations!

Taxi is another expense which you need to manage. As you start living in Singapore, you will get used to taxi. That’s when you need to budget more for Taxi expenses. Most of the time depending upon your lifestyle and where you stay in Singapore taxi use can be avoided. Singapore offers good public transport.

Lot of people ask questions regarding 1 Bed Room Apartments in Singapore. Unfortunately there are not many 1 bed room HDB flats and I have not see any 1 BHK Condo’s. So your best bet is 2 Bed Room Condo. The Rent given is just an estimate, it does changes depending on economic conditions and area.

As usual, if you have any questions do email me and I will be glad to answer if I can!



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