Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cost of living in Singapore for Bachelor Sharing Apartment - 2009

So finally I am writing the post which many readers of mine were asking for!. I thought its a good idea to update the Year 2009 estimates for cost of living in Singapore for Bachelor’s. Again as previously explained, this is my own estimation and should be taken as guideline only. Cost of living does differ for everybody based on their lifestyle. So please do care while taking any decision based on this figure.


As you can see above, the estimated cost of living for a bachelor who is sharing apartment with 3 people works out very well. As the rent is the major part of the living, sharing makes you save a lot!.

As these expenses are on moderate side. For example if you add Alcohol in your list the total will be something else!.

This would give a good idea for a bachelor about expenses in Singapore. Sharing the expenses and apartment is not for everybody, I know many people who do not like to share the apartment or cook at home. So in that you need to read my next post!.



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