Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Anybody listening? Yes .. FREE Text To Speech for my blog now!

Yesterday I found Odiogo. Its a FREE service to convert your blogs to a Text To Speech on the go Blog. Its an excellent idea. The entire setup for my blog took just 10 minutes. You need to give your email id and blog URL. Then you get a confirmation email from Odiogo and that's it your blog is now available for download as an MP3 or readers can directly click on the button on your posts to listen them online. Also an audio feed is available on this URL : My Audio Blog!

One more way to communicate with my readers. I found the service good. The voice and accent in the speech is quite good. Also it does make use of punchuations I believe. Need to experiment more with blogs now!

Let me know if anyone found any alternative to this kind of service ..of course FREE.



Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing, might set it up for my blog soon as well :) Hope i can choose a sexy lady voice, haha

Sudhi said...

Nice one Raju!

Why don't you try podcasts?

Ritzy said...

I'm going to try Odiogo right away. By the way, I'm Ritesh and came to know you from Sudhi.