Sunday, February 01, 2009

Power of Less! ..use Craglist or eBay or whatever!

I am great fan of Leo. I am yet to order his book Power of Less. I had very good experience with Craigslist today. We recently bought a new bed for our daughter and I was thinking how should I dispose off her old baby bed. I though of ebay first!. Also at the same time I had put in the ad in ..its a great website with no frills advertising and connecting with buyers for your stuff which you want to sell. I posted the Ad and got 3 responses in just 2 days!. Today one the guy who was interested came in and took the bed :)...May be I was lucky to get fast response and deal over just in 3 days ..but I found this very useful.

So instead of using the ebay or Ezlink Yahoo Group. One can look at craiglist as well. So to multiply your chances of selling fast do post on all websites you know in your region.

Now back to Power of less!. We have decided to sell many of the things which are just lying in our house with no use ..e.g. a DVD Player. As we bought a new one recently(well that's against Power of LESS!), we need to sell off the old one. Why we bought the new one and how it benefited us in some way is a interesting story and I will post about that next time!

So being in Singapore which is your preferred website for selling off old/new items ? eBay or craiglist or ezlink @ Yahoo Groups ..or somthing else ..please share your experience for others benefit!



Anonymous said...

I made good experiences with ebay so far... Selling things in Singapore is a good thing in general since you most likely will safe the posting costs...

Unknown said...

Hi Sandeep,

I have read quite a few of you posts and found them most interesting especially since i moved here in April of last year. Unortunately I got pink slipped last month and planning to head back home.

Just wanted to know if you could help me out with any suggestions especially movers, all the ones suggested by my firm are ridiculously costly.
I'm guessing that this might be a request heard more often from now on considering the state of the economy.