Friday, November 28, 2008

Terror Attack in Mumbai

This is very shameful act by some people on Mumbai, India. If I were to write something to say on this ..I would copy my favorite Actor Amitabh Bachchan in his Blog here

It is so very true that there is not point in being resilient at this stage. We all must act and do something about it. The first thing come in my mind is to make sure that every Indian Vote for their party rather than somebody making proxy votes and then we get a govt.

Its more than 45 hours now and the operation is still on. It is really disgusting to see all this our country.

I Salute the Security personnel who are fighting against this terror.

I hope everything is ok in coming hours. God Bless India.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reader Mailbag # 6 : Cost of Living in Singapore and others!

Hi Sandeep,

Awesome information you have posted here. I am negotiating an offer with a Big 4 for Singapore. My family size if myself, my wife and kiddo (4 months) to be precise.

What wud be the breakeven that I shud negotiate given ur experience there?

Hi zibbs!,

Thanks for the praise! I have very less information to answer your question. I guess what you are looking for is a good saving potential while negotiating your salary with Big 4(What does that mean?..does it mean PwC, KPMG or MS or somebody else!). Any way I guess you need to do a detail analysis of what you are saving in your home country and what would be the saving potential when you start earning and spending in Singapore. This is the most critical part in decision making to move from your current location. 

Also the role you will be getting in new location also matters a lot. It also depends what are your opportunities in current location if you change there itself. So you need to drive the decision based on many factors than just money. If your intention is to just make money than your decision making is more easier. 

So think carefully and let me know if you have specific question in mind which I can really answer with some data. Remember that what you will be saving in first year of living in Singapore and what will be the saving in 2nd year and so forth will be quite different as you start living here your needs starts growing same time as your child!


Sandeep, Good work Keep it up Does the HBD flat have TV ?
regards -manish

Well yes most of the HDB flats on rent I have seen will have TV set. Although it will be CRT one and may not as good as your specification sometimes. If you are lucky you will get a 29" TV too!. So whenever you are looking for a HDB/Condo flat make sure that your essential list is ready on which you do not want to compromise at all...e.g. Good TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Cooking Range, Wardrobes, Sofa Set etc ..As repair service is quite expensive depending upon the part change required. You need to make sure that all the things in the rented flat are looking good(not too old!).

I need to know how to invest in MF through SIP from USA? I have Suvitha account in Citi Bank in India. Will it be possible to buy through the account? How will i be able to submit the Pan Card details? Or do i need to get the NRE account? Please suggest in detail about this. Iam new to this and need help. Is this the right time to start MF(SIP)?Any particular fund?Please kindly suggest.Thank you so much.... 

I guess investing in MF while an NRI in USA the rules are different by many AMCs. You need to check that. Citibank Suvidha account is for Indian Residents not for NRI as far as my knowledge goes. You need to have an NRE or NRO account in order to invest in MF in India. Also PAN card and KYC is must now a days. 

About your other question whether this is a right time to invest in MF in India. I am not quite sure about right timing. But I believe in some strategy which you can read here : 

I am not a Financial advisor, so I am just writing what I feel like and also do myself. You are welcome to comment on my blog!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Test post from Windows Live Writter

Its been long time I have not been posting anything. This is mainly due to busy schedule in work and also some personal commitments.

I plan to start my posting again starting this week. So was thinking of trying some blogging tool for a change!. So here I am trying Windows Live Writer.

This looks cool!. But need to explore more with this ..So adding a picture below : 04102008(001)



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to move your blog to your own domain ?

Simple ..Use Google !. I have been using blogger for more than 2 years now since I started blogging. I was thinking about creating a domain for my blog and the day I thought about hosting it on a domain other than, I had many questions in my mind. How will I do this ? What will happen to my current blog ? How much will it cost ? What about privacy ? How will I move contents of my current blog to new website ? etc etc .....

Well..Google made everything easy. I could setup my new domain and move(or I should say re-direct) my current blog contents to new url. The entire process took just not more than 10 minutes. Also your good old address remains valid too!

Google and has simplified all this process for you. Blogger creates your domain with and also hides your personal website information as a free service(which I guess generally cost extra!)

Your current blog gets redirected to the new url and all gets rolling smooth in just 30 mins. Wow I was impressed. Things which I was thinking would be complicated are made simple. So if you are thinking to have your custom domain to host a blog or want to convert current one..give it a try ..all you need to do is to think about a good name for domain and keep credit card ready to pay for $10 fees for 1 year!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Run away Mutual Fund Broker : MF Service

Today I see this message on MF Service website :

Check the website : to see what they are saying.

You can imagine the fate of the Mutual Fund Investors with They are left with no choice but watch good portfolio at and sell their funds later when it reaches in profit or their objective is fulfilled. The Website no longer updates the latest NAV value.

This is pathetic customer service behavior by Times Group by saying "As part of our business strategy".

They need to be more sensitive to their customers. They should have at least have the NAV updates happening to make sure that the investors are not left with other methods to figure out their portfolio value in order to transact. Now the investors are left with following options :

  • Maintain portfolio at Moneycontrol or Valueresearchonline
  • Sell MF from timesofmoney at earliest opportunity
  • Always do business with AMCs directly.
  • AMCs have much better transition plans if they change their business strategy !
Do you have anything to say ?