Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sending Photo Diwali Greetings to India !

I just sent Photo Diwali Greetings to my parents and friends in India using Picsquare.com. Its an excellent service. I have been using their photo printing services regularly since the launch of their website. The Photo print quality was always superb. I always liked their service and user friendly website design(some improvement needed though!)

Sending Greeting card costs just Rs. 95.51 including shipping!. Which translates around SGD 2.80 and USD 1.95 !. If you plan to send greetings to India, this is the cheapest I have ever seen. There are many services in India now offering photo printing, greetings cards etc. The features I liked about Picsqaure.com are :

  • Simple User Interface
  • Good Credit Card payment service - They are using ICICI Payment gateway now - I am more particular about payment gateways.
  • Prompt Service  - delivery within 4-5 days - They use either Speedpost or DTDC.
  • Fast Photo uploading with simple software.
Improvement Required
  • Once the preview is seen for the greeting card and added to the cart, there was no way out to see the preview again :(
  • Also more options for fonts and custom colour should be provided.

Please let me know if you have experienced any other service which offers good service. It will be of great help to all ! ..Note that they accept International Credit Cards too. 

Enjoy !


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