Friday, September 26, 2008

FREE VOIP Calls from Singapore and to Singapore too !

You must be searching in Google for "FREE Calls to India", "FREE VOIP Calls in Singapore", "VOIP Calls from Singapore to USA" or "FREE 2 way calls from Singapore to USA" etc etc ...

In this world of Microsoft and Google we want everything free ! .. Although Google Talk/Yahoo Messenger has given us a way to talk FREE by using our PCs. But again this puts us to the restriction of using PC to PC calls only. Well not right ..There is one more service called Fring which allows one to call Mobile to Mobile anywhere in the world just by using the Free WiFi or GPRS!...But we want more ! ..We want the convenience of traditional good old phone to phone dialing without worrying of setup's of WiFi / GPRS or complex setup of some Java based software in our Mobile.

In USA I know my friends were using Vonage to use this so called free calling to international destinations.

So now for Singapore what is the option ? ! ..I did some research and found out this :

  • PC to PC works the best
    • With Internet changing our lives, everybody with laptops and PCs with broadband. PC to PC calls using Google Talk/ Yahoo Messenger / Skype works the best in my opinion.
    • But we loose this option is either of the party is not having PC or not equipped to do the first time setup of installing software, using broadband, buying headset etc etc
  • Fring - Mobile to Mobile VOIP using WiFi or GPRS
    • This works good too in Singapore. As in Singapore we get to use Free WiFi Zones
    • Many Malls have Free WiFi Access
    • Most of the homes will have WiFi
    • I have tested this and it works great. Specially when using the good signal broadband connection at home. As any way you are trying to make FREE calls sometimes only when you are at home.
  • Free or subscription based VOIP Providers
    • There are plenty when you search google like :
    • Some offer free calls back to Singapore or other countries
    • But mostly they have charges like 6/7 cents per min to most of the destinations like India.
    • I am not very comfortable using these kind of services as they are not reliable and involves subscription which is higher or equivalent to what I can get via a Calling Card like Mustafa or others available in Singapore
  • 100% FREE Unlimited Calls to any destination
    • Now this is something worth exploring
    • I did some research in this area and found this company called Nexustel
    • I know few people in Singapore using this.
    • Although I am not sure whether this is legal to use this way in India
    • I called the person to check the details
      • You have to buy 2 VOIP Adaptor - Yes TWO
      • One you install at your home in Singapore with your broadband connection
      • Second you send to India or any other destination in world and install/connect to broadband internet there too
      • Connect normal Phone to the VOIP Adaptor at both ends
      • Now once you are connected, the person in India or any other destination can call the Singapore Nexustel Phone Number and the phone in Singapore will ring for FREE unlimited time.
      • The Cost of 2 Adaptors is I guess in the range of SGD 400-500. So this is the one time investment you are making.
      • There is monthly subscription also. As you will be making use of this VOIP Phone to make calls to Singapore Locally too which is around 2-3 cents per minute.
So with all these options you are set to explore the VOIP world in Singapore!.

Well some points to take care before you jump

  • Always use good company for VOIP as once the subscription is done you are locked with the company if the voice call quality is bad.
  • As we are talking about Digital Voice here, the broadband connection reliability matters most here - any compromise on this will frustrate you !
  • Check the legal terms on using VOIP in your country before opting for any options.
  • GPRS is expensive!
  • Check call rates or plans for calling international destination with your Mobile or land line service provider first to see you get any good plan
enjoy VOIP !

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Vidooshak said...

Ultimately we must remember nothing is free. Even Skype and Google are surviving free because they have a substantial revenue from paid or ad services. I myself use SkypeOut paid calling quite often. It's cheaper than ISD and quite convenient. Then again, ISD prices from India are crashing.

Now a minute call to USA from regular cell-phones costs barely 7 rupees (about 20 US cents). The world is indeed coming closer and in my opinion, VoIP will soon be all free.

The next big status symbol-- communication wise-- will be Cisco's TelePresence :-)