Monday, August 11, 2008

Indian stock markets on Cruise Control !

Indian markets are on Cruise Control today 11th Aug 2008 !. It seems all negative news are dried up and bulls are back..really ? I don't know for now.

  • Oil prices came down a bit.
  • Inflation is stable! - well people are tired of listening to the same tune..
  • Banks are gaining - ICICI, HDFC are up !
  • Elections are not in near term at least
  • Mutual Funds NAVs are rising slowly
  • IT companies in India are still recruiting
  • Websites say
    • They are still trying to predict level for Nifty and Sensex ! - same guys on TV will say don't try to time the market :)
  • Real Estate prices are still high - I do hear that they are coming down - but not in reality!
With all these, what an average investor is supposed to do ? I don't have an answer. I still feel India will continue to grow and therefore need to be in the market to gain from it. But at the same time I will see stick to my strategy :

Indian Mutual Fund Strategy for coming months - Part I

We still need to more analysis in order to understand how to play in this market.

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