Monday, July 28, 2008

Indian Mutual Fund Strategy for coming months - Part I

I believe it is time to redefine the strategy for Mutual Funds for coming markets. I have been thinking about it for sometime now. I am not expert on this but I believe that one needs to experiment a bit in order to gain in this kind of market where nobody knows whether it is in bearish phase or bull phase !

For those who were lured by the Borkers/Agents/Advisors to invest in Indian Mutual Funds in last six months or in late 2007 must be thinking that this Mutual Fund boom is over. And one should not never invest it in again. Just get out of the current investment and go back to good old Fixed deposits ..that too with Nationalized banks only ;) :)

Well I have a different opinion here. There is no need to panic with markets or try to run away from it. Just because the bears are back and they are taking away your returns as never before :)

But at the same time having good strategy do helps. Here is mine.

  • Stop all SIPs - Yes don't believe the Fund Managers and don't panic, but at the same time STOP SIPs for now
  • Redeem all Funds with profits - If you are lucky and still have some profit left in your earlier investment, please redeem that NOW!
  • STOP all Manual Investments - This is the most important point here. Many people have lost their profits just because they could not redeem the Funds as they were in a manual method. It was just laziness or ignorance which stopped them from redeeming E.g. Don't know what to do for redeeming, who is CAMSONLINE, Broker not available...etc
  • Prepare Net worth Statement - You need to take stock of your investments as well as expenses and income at once. If you have never made a Net Worth Statement till date. Search on Google and you will find many sample templates for doing this stuff easily.
  • Define Objective for Investments - If you had never done this. It is important that now we understand this concept of Investing with Objective and starting doing that. This will create lot of positive thought process in you - after going through this bearish phase - still counting though !
  • Pay mortgage partly - If you have home loan or any other loan. Please pay little bit more than what you have been paying monthly as EMI. Not too long ago (2003-2007) advisors/brokers/agents used to say that invest first and pay loan later from profit. I believe we need to do both together to gain most.
  • Start Online Investment with AMCs - In order to save 2.25% entry load, start investing with AMCs directly. Try do some research on this. Wait for few days and I will post something about it!
This is what I am doing for now. I will post more about how to plan the Investments in Mutual Funds and Stocks directly too in my Part II.

Happy Investing!


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