Wednesday, July 09, 2008

HDFC Home Loan ...Excellent Online Transaction Services !

Recently when I got my HDFC Home Loan statement, I got to know that they have Online Services too :)

So went to the website and found out that they have excellent Online Transactions service for their Home Loan Customers. This is very good move by the bank. I am not sure which other banks have this service for their Home Loan customers, but this is very good. Mainly for NRI Customers where they need to get Income Tax certificates and other account statement online. No need to depend on the snail mail :) ..

Also the registration process is very simple. Just goto the web page : and provide your home loan account and create your online account with HDFC Home Loan. Immediately customers could login to the website and get all the required details for the Home Loan. Also there is a way to pay your Home Loan EMI via the website's secured payment gateway.

Only thing missing is the facility to pre-pay the home loan :) ..I hope they add that too in due course.

I know that ICICI Home Loan do have any such facility yet ...

Overall I like HDFC Bank. Their approach towards fairness in implementing policies is very good. Specially recently when one of my friend wanted to open Mutual Fund account with them. The relationship manager went out of the way to get the KYC done for the customer and activiated the MF account.

With all these nice things. They still need to more good job with their Interface design for the Online Mutual Fund web page! ICICI Direct is the best for the their Interface as well as providing all the Mutual Funds for subscription.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you Sandeep. HDFC online services are quite cool as compared to other PSU banks.
Now HDFC has started its operations in Singapore also. The process has got simpler and faster with this move of HDFC.
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