Thursday, June 12, 2008

FAQ on Cost of Living for Singapore

I have been getting many queries from people around the world for cost of living in Singapore. It is tough to a answer to the question "I have been offers $xxyy, would that be enough for decent life for a couple?" ..Well answer to this is mainly tough as cost of living really depends on how you really live, spend your money in various things over a period of time.

If you are living frugally, you might save some money based your income and expenses. But sometimes this can get tricky ..for e.g. if you make a trip back to India or your home town after 6 months of stay here in Singapore. Your average monthly expenses is going to go up. So this is math.

I would still like to help my readers with their queries, wherever I can. So please if you are asking a specific question, leave your email-id like "xxvvbb at" or "djhj at". This way I can reply back to you if time permits. Otherwise for somebody who is desperately looking for some answer, either they have to check back the blog back to see whether I have tried giving the answer. Also sometimes the question is asked in some other post of mine, while the query is related to the cost of living post! ..So you see this is tricky and time consuming for me to manage ..

My objective is to help people who are trying to get information about Singapore.

Again this is all my personal views and should be taken with caution before taking any decision.

Hope this helps ...with this I will try to put some posts soon to have some of the common queries.

Enjoy !