Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saving cost on airfare to India from Singapore !

Everybody wants to save costs on airfare as that is the major cost when you are living away from your family/relatives. If you are visiting 1 or more times in a year to India from Singapore, its important that we understand what are the ways we can reduce costs on airfare. Also a better planning will help you to get the same preferred airlines of yours with reduced cost !

In order to understand airfares to various destinations from Singapore, goto http://www.airfare.com.sg. This website provides us good overview of all the types of airfares and airlines available for the various destinations. This is a starting point just to get an idea.

Other travel agents who provide competitive fares to India and other destinations are :
I have used Serangoon Travels and my experience has been good with their service and competitive fares. But one needs to do this planning just before you are looking for the fares for which you have finalised the dates. This helps a lot as fares are dynamic and change due to seasonal requirements. e.g. fares are higher during school holidays.

Following are the airlines who offer flights to India on major destinations : Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air India, Indian Airlines, Silk Air, Srilankan Airlines, Tiger Airways etc .

Some points to note :
  • Most of the time Air India / India Airlines provide the best fares
  • Lookout for deals from Singapore Airlines from time to time in newspaper
  • Point to Point international flights are cheapest e.g. If you take Singapore - Hyd flight, it is cheaper, but if you book Singapore - Hyd - Pune it is expensive. Rather book Sin-Hyd flight from here & book the Hyd-Pune flight separately in India.
  • Lookout for code flights schedule. e.g. Air India operates with Singapore Airlines. So you fly Singapore Airlines by paying Air India fare :)...this is the BEST TIP !
  • Avoid budget airlines if your schedule likely to change later.
  • Check for baggage allowance with airlines, as budget airlines offer less baggage allowance and no wavier most of the times.
  • As far as possible keep one airline, that helps to build the miles and also frequent flying helps you in case of wait listing or priority boarding !
  • Book in advance as far as possible to avoid paying higher fare for preferred dates(e.g. friday night flight)
Hope this helps ...please comment and share your experience with other people on saving cost on air fare and some more tips to manage air travel better !


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for the information. This is a very good and usefull information.
i am reading it for the first time and it is useful

I got a job in Singapore. I have In-Principle Letter with Single Journey Visa for 1 years. I will be moving to SG this month.(Now i am in Bangalore).
(Q)i have to contact Bangalore Singapore Embassy for visa?
(Q)Which airlines provides Maximum Kg limit without extra Charge? what will be the charge if exceed the limit?
(Q)Sufficient Cash on Hand on Board? (your option)

(Suggestion)it will be better if you give Tax details/Tab Slab/Fixed Tax percentage(if applicable) or tax excel sheet for 2008. Also it will be helpful if you provide Tax Exemptions and your tips to save tax
What Tax if Salary is S$5000? What if S$7000?
(Suggestion)Some check list you like to tell (Document's, Packing,

(Query)Fee's that need to be payed on airport/Medical checkup / when getting EP and any other please mention it will be helpful?

(Q)it will be better to open NRI Account in india or Singapore? Whick Bank has low commission while transferring money to india?

Please reply me, it will be helpful since i am leaving this month.


Sandeep said...

Hi Vijay,

thanks for the comments, good that this information is useful to you!.

1)Once you have In-Principle Letter, you get Single Entry visa with that letter itself, so you just have to show that Letter at immigration at Bangalore & Singapore. After words you have to get the EP Card from Singapore Manpower ministry(which generally the company arranges once u are here)

2)No need to contact bangalore singapore embassy

3)I took Singapore Airlines from Banaglore. They did not charge me even I had 30 kg excess baggage. But it depends on load on that day & u should check-in early. Same experience I had with Indian Airlines from Pune(they also did not charge me extra even I had 20 kg excess!)

4) You should keep at least S$1000 with you. Again depends on your requirement once u are here.

5) For tax check out this link :

6) fees paid for EP is generally Bourne by the company.

7)Open NRE account once you are here in Singapore checkout : http://spadhye.blogspot.com/2008/01/experience-on-opening-nri-account-and.html

Well I had a plan to post about my relocation experience from Bangalore to Singapore including the checklist ..I guess this is the right time ..I will do that this weekend!

hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Sandeep very useful information.
Good work.