Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 !

Happy New Year 2008 to all....

Last year was good for my me as well as for my blog. I got 14,266 hits in last year since May-2007 I tracked :) ..It was great feeling for me that someone around the world is reading my blog and hopefully get some information which is useful...

I have been lax in posting in last few months the New Year resolution is to post more regularly to help my readers ! ..also my blog helps me too sometimes when I need the same information quickly !

I have few pending posts ... Cost of living in Singapore 2008 !, some travel tips within Singapore, reviews of few weekend spots in Singapore which have visited, view on personal finance(specially MF) so far etc etc ..I will make sure to finish the pending posts in next few weeks !

I hope everybody had great 2007 year ..Wish a very Happy New Year 2008 to all again !


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Vidooshak said...

The pending posts are exactly the reason why your blog is so important. Look forward to your getting that information up there soon!

Is there a pool where such informative blogs can be linked, arranged by city? For example, there is a city photo blog at

You should also think about increasing the size of Google Ads on the page now. You deserve it!!

Sanchari Mitra said...

Hi Sandeep,
Your blog is really helpful, specially 'Cost of Living In Singapore,. Well, I am based in Pune right now and I have plans to move to Singapore in future. I am a technical writer and looking for a job in Singapore. Can u plz tel me how to find a appropiate job in Singapore??

Sandeep said...

Hi Sanchari,

You would need to get in touch with some consultant's in order to get jb quickly. Also try searching in & other websites.

Job market is pretty good in Singapore as of now.

best of luck