Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sensex 18k : Mystery of India’s economic growth

Well Sensex in India reaches 18K yesterday & still going high !. What does it really means to India. This definitly means that the economy is doing well & probably it will continue to do well in future for sometime(well no one dares to say more than that). Read a good article about this in The Economic Times today " Mystery of India’s economic growth ".

Some paragraphs caught my eyes "

The quality of public services in lousy. Surveys show that only half the students in Class VII can read simple texts or do simple maths (unless they have private tutors). Public health is in bad shape. Economists Das and Hammer report that when government doctors are not absent from office, fully half their recommendations are likely to harm rather than cure patients. The quality of bijli, sadak and pani is terrible.

Corruption remains high. Transparency International lists India 72nd out of 180 countries, a poor performance. Nor have reforms been comprehensive enough. The annual Index of Economic Freedom compiled by the Fraser Institute and others puts India at only 104th position in the world.

Supposedly India has rule of law. But enforcement of contracts takes 10 years on average. Politics is criminalised since no criminal is convicted beyond all appeals, thanks to moribund police and courts. Maoist violence now affects 157 out of the country’s 600 districts.

In sum, the quality of India’s policies, institutions and governance leave much to be desired. Other countries with such problems have often suffered economic stagnation or collapse. Yet India has accelerated to 8.6% for four years, a feat rarely achieved in history.

So we really need to understand economics more deeper to understand what is behind this Growth Story & how far it will continue like this. Personally I am definitely positive about it and will continue to watch the trend.

I hope to get some more answers on this Mystery in coming days/years ...hopefully ...till then enjoy the India Growth Story on TV channels !

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