Friday, October 26, 2007

Saving on Cost of Medical Consultation in Singapore

In this post I would like to give some idea on medical consultation costs in Singapore.

Consultation with GP(General Practitioner)

If you are visiting a GP in your area for ailments like cold, cough, fever etc, make sure that you do a survey with your friends about various clinics and their consultation charges. For general ailments listed above, it does not matter whether you go to a GP in HDB area or to a well known hospital. All matters is the Dr !


  • Try to survey locally before heading towards hospital
  • Mostly the charges are same in clinics operated near HDBs
  • Try to visit the same Dr. always - it helps to build relationship and he/she knows the history well.
  • Most of the clinics will provide medicines
  • Avoid Antibiotics at first instance, as they are expensive.
Cost : $18 to $60

Consultation with Specialist(e.g. Orthopedic, Skin, ENT etc)

Singapore hospitals are well equipped and world class facilities for all treatment services they are offering.

  • Survey - post to Ezlink yahoo groups for recommendations before visiting Specialists Medical Professional
  • check whether the cost if taken care off by your organization
  • Before going for any long term treatment(e.g. physiotherapy), please check for alternatives
  • Depends on the hospital/clinic
  • $50 - $90 for Consultation
  • $50 - $100 for Physiotherapy per session!
  • Other treatments/Tests as prescribed
I always keep in mind that 'Expensive fees for consultation does not mean better consultation / diagnosis anywhere in the world" - This is based on my own experience so far!

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Unknown said...

Sandeep has summed up it well...
One thing we should also note here ; is the cost varies based upon the type of visa you carry ! So from citizen to tourist the medical fees varies drastically (specially for hospitalization)!!

Vidooshak said...

dude, where have you disappeared? i love to read your tips on how to survive a new city by keeping costs low and enjoyment levels high!!

have u moved to a new blog?