Thursday, October 11, 2007

Indian Restaurant Singapore : Annalakshmi

Location :

133, New Bridge Road
#B1-02, Chinatown Point, Podium A

Singapore 059413

Exit E of Chinatown MRT

Website :

Indian vegetarian restaurant located at the basement of Chinatown Point. Featuring an impressive collection of both North and South Indian choices, interestingly all without prices, Annalakshmi group of restaurants is probably the first (and only) restaurant in Singapore that allows their patrons to pay any amount they wish for a meal in their premises.

Excellent vegetarian food!. I went to this place twice recently to have taste of their dishes. There is no fixed price for our dining menu at Annalakshmi. It is “Eat what you Want and Give as you Feel” concept.

This is the first time we went to a restaurant where patrons have to decide what they want to pay for the food.

We went to this restaurant(yes an actual restaurant & not a food court!) on sunday to have lunch. On Sunday they have buffet lunch with lots variety in daal, rice, chapati, roti, naan, curry's etc. You can order some Lassi if you like too!. I liked the food overall though I am not big fan buffet lunch anytime. The Ginger Lassi we had was excellent & is a must try. Also the Kheer we tried was also great!

Next time I went to this place to have South Indian Thali. This is the first time in Singapore I had a authentic South Indian Thali which was complete in all respect, including Hot Rassam, Rice, Pulao, Poori, Pickle, Papad, Saambhar, 2 Curry's and sweet dish ! ..

I am sure many people visiting this place are paying more than what they would generally pay for the same type of meal.

The best part of the service given by the staff(or volunteers I would say) there. It seems you can volunteer to work there too. As the proceedings from this restaurant goes to charity.

They have 2 food courts as well : checkout the website for more details.

Having some issues while uploading photos, will do later ...enjoy !


Singar Studio said...

Hi Sandeep,
Your blog is very informative. I am flying into Singapore in 3 weeks en route to Kolkota and would be in Singapore for about 12-13 hours. How far is this restaurant from the Changi airport and how can I get there? What are the places to visit in Singapore? Any information is appreciated.

Malina said...

This restaurant sounds very interesting.I'll definitely make it a point to visit it.I am amused by the fact that the customers determine what to pay for any meal that they are having at this restaurant.

Unknown said...

Hi, I visited Annalaxshmi on 24 oct(my office organised Diwali lunch for all Indians working in our office ). Believe me it was the best(incredible to say least) indian food i had in my 3 months stay in Singapore. It was better than many restaurants on JM Road,Pune. I am planning to take my other Indian friends there too. I think it is must for every indian in singapore to visit this place