Friday, September 14, 2007

Singapore: Choosing mode of Transport !

Singapore is great ! It has excellent means of transportation when you need. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take a Bus, MRT or Taxi. It is not true that the Taxi will always cost you more than the bus(well in $ terms yes !)....lets take an example here to explain this !

You(total 4 people) want to goto IKEA from Hougang during non-peak hours on weekend. You have 2 options Bus or Taxi.

Taking Bus
  • Using the website we can plan the journey
  • The service 27 will go directly to IKEA from Hougang Central Interchange.
  • The cost will be $1.18 per person = $4.72
  • The time to reach is probably around 30 mins.
Taking Taxi
  • Take a Taxi from same starting point to IKEA
  • The Fare would be around $6.30 for 4 persons
  • Time to reach IKEA(at drop-off point) is max 15-20 mins as we go by Highway !
So its upto you to decide when to take a Taxi or Bus depending upon your mood, convenience. As sometimes it rains so heavy in Singapore that you will be half-wet by the time you reach the Bus Interchange from your house !

But the same math is tricky when you are going during peak hours & during weekday. As it adds Peak hour charges & ERP charges which are quite high depending on the time of the day.

This was just an example. When going long distance & where MRT station is direct on the same line, MRT is the fastest & cheapest mode of transport.

I will write more on this subject & means to save cost while traveling in Singapore ;)

enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep
I recently only came across your blog and found it very helpful. I'll be coming to singapore in november and will be working there for over a year. My wife will also be with me but she will not be working. I could really use some tips from you. I've noticed that all accomodation below S$1000 is sharing type.Is it possible to get standalone unit for S$500? How safe is a sharing an apartment? My salary would be around S$3k-4k so I'm on a tight budget?I would really appreciate some advice. Or please email me at

Thnx in advance

Sandeep said...

Hi Readers,

Good to know that my blog is helping people to understand some facts about "cost of living" in Singapore.

Accommodation : Well as you know that this is the large portion of your budget. Shared accommodation also costs around $400-800. Again it all depends on where in Singapore you are staying, anything near to city/downtown area is expensive.

Sharing of apartments by families/bachelors is common in Singapore. So if you are ok with it & like it, you can save good amount of $ from your net pay.

So start exploring with Agents as soon as you land in Singapore. or checkout google for some options.