Friday, September 14, 2007

Singapore: Choosing mode of Transport !

Singapore is great ! It has excellent means of transportation when you need. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take a Bus, MRT or Taxi. It is not true that the Taxi will always cost you more than the bus(well in $ terms yes !)....lets take an example here to explain this !

You(total 4 people) want to goto IKEA from Hougang during non-peak hours on weekend. You have 2 options Bus or Taxi.

Taking Bus
  • Using the website we can plan the journey
  • The service 27 will go directly to IKEA from Hougang Central Interchange.
  • The cost will be $1.18 per person = $4.72
  • The time to reach is probably around 30 mins.
Taking Taxi
  • Take a Taxi from same starting point to IKEA
  • The Fare would be around $6.30 for 4 persons
  • Time to reach IKEA(at drop-off point) is max 15-20 mins as we go by Highway !
So its upto you to decide when to take a Taxi or Bus depending upon your mood, convenience. As sometimes it rains so heavy in Singapore that you will be half-wet by the time you reach the Bus Interchange from your house !

But the same math is tricky when you are going during peak hours & during weekday. As it adds Peak hour charges & ERP charges which are quite high depending on the time of the day.

This was just an example. When going long distance & where MRT station is direct on the same line, MRT is the fastest & cheapest mode of transport.

I will write more on this subject & means to save cost while traveling in Singapore ;)

enjoy !