Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mutual Funds Statements Online !

For all who riding the markets with Mutual Funds, this is a good post to read!..well I am not marketing ..but in a way this is called as cheap marketing :)

As you know that all Mutual Funds are processed either by the AMC or some other 3rd party processing company like CAMS. So these are the guys who send you the MF Statement every month for the AMC they work with.

I believe that 95% of the investors who get these statements every month, do not bother to check that & if they have invested in multiple funds it generates loads of statements every month + the extra trash at home !

So you have a quick solution now for AMCs which are doing business via CAMS.

Here is all you need to do to simplify your life :)

1. Visit the following link : Link to setup email delivery of MF Statements
2. Goto option : Statement Delivery
3. Fill up the following form on the web page :

3. Click on the "Submit" button.

List of AMCs working with CAMS is shown in the List : AMC Name.

I like this facility very much. CAMS also has an facility to provide online Consolidated Portfolio Report for all your investments in MF. That's in next post !

Enjoy !


Vidooshak said...

CAMS is quite a competent manager. I am disappointed with Franklin since they are not part of CAMS and their email statement delivery is highly erratic. Same for SBI (Magnum). I wonder if others have the same experience?

Good post.

Anonymous said...

ya same happened with me with principal mutual fund they haven't even mailed me statement yet...

can anyone tell any other place to chk the statement