Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Living without Google :) ..Imagine !

I really can't imagine living without Google !. What i mean is that I am used to the simplicity provided by Google in everything we do today is just superb.

I am writing this post just to record some of the changes I have seen in this Internet world in last 10 years which affected me most !

I got introduced to email in 1996 by creating account in http://www.rocketmail.com(which was taken over by Yahoo later). In those days of Dial-up, rocketmail was the only fastest plain webmail I found other than Hotmail and yahoo off course. Then I opened Yahoo & Hotmail account too. But today I only use GMail 99% of the time :)

I remember http://www.altavista.com & http://www.yahoo.com were my BEST Search engines..but today I only do Google :) ..well I have not seen anybody using other than Google for search in last 7 years ..

Online Docs
I used to use Yahoo Briefcase to store documents sometimes. But Google Docs made life simple !. The best part is that it not just allows you to store Docs, but spreadsheets too.

I used to read blogs using bookmarks. Now I read only the Blogs which are updated & which are configured in my Google Reader. It makes life so easy & increases productivity a lot. btw ..reading blog could harm your productivity :)

I started blogging almost 2 years ago & now Blogger is part of Google :)

Maps always interests me. I don't know why but I love reading maps & figuring out places of my interest on Google Maps. Google Earth is just superb. Most of the Road Network is now on Google Maps..so no more paper maps - save trees & money !

Chat / Instant Messaging
I don't remember when I switched from YM or AIM to Google Talk !. It was natural for me to shift with having the ease of one account for everything I do on Internet.

Well, this is something the best part of Google. Use FREE Google to earn money by using Google Adsense ;)

I am sure many of us had the same experience with Google....

btw ..Google Adsense did not pay me for writing this post :) ..But if many people read this & hit few clicks on the Ads, I might get few cents !!

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Vidooshak said...

Recently Skype had an outage and services were unusable for almost 2 days. They say it was an algorithm error while upgrading the software. It could be that or it could be something else. It did make people ask: "Will you stop using free VoIP (like Skype)?"

Makes one wonder... what if Google was to have an outage for 2 days. Does the world still have the ability to survive two whole days without using a single Google service?