Thursday, August 09, 2007

Indian Restaurant Singapore : Raj Prime

Having been to the place 3 times in last 2 months, I think it is right time to write about it.

Location : 76 Syed Alwi Road near Mustafa

This is a typical Indian Restaurant in Singapore. Which serves North Indian & south Indian dishes too. I got reference about this restaurant in one of the excellent blog about food in Singapore :

Overall the place is good for chat items(Papdi chat, raj kachori , paani puri etc ..) but for other dishes like Pav bhaji, north Indian dishes(I have not tried many though) I am not sure how good it would be ..I personally did not like the pav bhaaji, veg. cutlet at all. Also specially if you need to give any suggestion about the dish, busy evening is not a good time to talk to the manager about it :) One other thing is that sometime the dish is not served hot which is supposed to served hot ..e.g. pav bhaji !. While I find this problem in many Indian Restaurant's here, I like to eat Idli / dosa with Hot sambhar rather than having it served cold :(

If you are going on a weekend evening, then it is not the right place really as it really get crowded. Which is true for any restaurant though !!. About the service, they are quick but surely not good in serving with passion(which I have seen in some of other places ..specially at Khana Khazana in Hong Kong)

Though it is better than other usual places I have tried like Komala's(this is good for fast food like quick lunch, idli, dosa ..), Ananda Bhavan(same as Komala's) , it is certainly not a place where you want to go for a special occasion & expect a great food served to you !. I would still try this place few more times for chat items & write about it for the benefit of people who are searching for good Indian food in Singapore !.

btw till date I have not found a good Indian Restaurant in Singapore, which is reasonably priced & also serve authentic Indian Food ..may be I am expecting too much :)


Anonymous said...

Kashmiri Restaurant

Hi Sandeep,

If you are still looking for a restaurant serving good authentic indian food then try out the Kashmir restaurant , next to seven eleven on race course road. They have a few Kashmiri and a wide variety of North Indian dishes.

I think it is only a few months old but the food is amazing especially their kebabs, mutton biryani, bhuna gosht and murg tikka lababdar Among their veggies their mix vegetable and palak paneer are very delicious.

I am a regular at this restaurant and would recommend this place to anyone who is a foodie..


Anonymous said...

Hi sandeep..
a great place for authentic north indian foor is ivory kitchen..their dal makhani and garlic naan are superb.. and also thrie kebabs and desserts..try the gulab jamuns.
Im also hearing good theings about a place in east coast called indian times..havent checked it out though.. maybe u can and provide us feedback..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep

have you tried Mustard on Race Course?? Serves some unique dishes not to be found in other places. A must try. Great ambience and some great music to make dining special along with great flavours. By the way Mustard serves Bengali and Punjabi food including sarson da saag with makki roti.

Abhishek Mittal said...

I had the most ridiculous experience at Raj, with the manager shouting at us for no apparent mistake of ours. Read about our ridiculous experience here