Thursday, August 16, 2007

Indian Market Crash..Sensex down 621 pts & Nifty by 187 pts

I was watching it. Sensex was down 621 points or 4.14% at 14,380.13 and Nifty was lower by 187 points or 4.29% at 4182.6. It is good for the investor to get a taste of this kind of volatility once in a while ! Helps us to understand that market always do not go upward(which many people thought that it does in last 2 years!).

I feel comfortable in investments in Mutual Funds only at this time. Remember not panic and stop your SIP for MF. At the same time do not wait if you have cash which you do not need for next 3 years and you planned to put that in a MF today. Market timing is the last thing you want to guess :)

Some good reading :

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Happy Investing !


Amol Chandekar said...

I read this "12 Things I Will Never Spend A Dime On".

The list looks fine to me except 2 things-

1. Mobile with internet- It has helped me a lot when I am travelling. Internet is low cost medium of communicating anytime without being worried about waking up someone on other side of the globe. I should have email access atleast.

2. GPS Navigator- This device might not be useful if you are staying in a place where you were born and brought up. But when you are in a new place, like me in Australia and that too in strict driving discipline...a Navigator is the most desirable thing in your car. And if you like going around to places...a must have.

Sandeep said...

Hey Amol,

You are right about GPS, infact I have used it effectively when I drove in US first time with little knowledge of road there.

About Mobile with internet, I guess he is specifically referring to iPod, which is sleek, stylish & with superb features. But still does not appeal me to spend $600 ..that's the point he is trying to make as a financial blogger !

keep commenting !!