Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Indian food @ Changi Airport, Singapore

After long time had a taste of Indian Food at Changi Airport, Singapore !. I have been here many times & ate only at Kaveri at Terminal 2. This time things are changed at Terminal 1 and there is one Indian Restuarant here called "Mirchi". I am generally vary of any new restuarant which has a North Indian name & selling South Indian food :).
I gave it a try to Mirchi.
In my opinion if the restuarant cannot make Saambhar well which is essential part of South Indian Meal, then there is no point in trying other dishes :).
I could conclude that the food at Kaveri is much better than Mirchi. Also prices are all jacked up. For Idli plate they are charging $6.00, whereas same costs less than $3 in Singapore City...but this is everywhere ..on airports the stuff is always expensive !
enjoy !

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Vidooshak said...

At least Changi tries to cater to different palates. Imagine the poor soul who visits India and has to suffer soggy, stale sandwiches sold at $4-$6 apiece.. with almost no alternative to shop from. It makes even natives like me shudder to use the food or loo options of Indian airports and railways.

The best part is even reputed eateries like Coffee Day suddenly enjoy their monopoly at the Airports and cut down severely on quality as well as variety... merely doubling the prices. Often, a nice Air-Hostess will inform you that although she is forced to sell the sandwiches on the low-cost carriers, she would not recommend it since they were made 12 hours ago...

So much for "Atithi devo Bhava" :-)

I am glad you made the trip and came all the way to be with us for Kabir's barasa. It meant a lot to the Cubby :-)