Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Return to India

After coming to Singapore, I have been using internet means to keep in touch with India..specially Bangalore !!. I found this blog very informative : http://r2blore.blogspot.com.

Very nicely written blog by somebody who recently moved back to India after staying in USA for many years. Good perspective of moving challenges & adjusting to the new place/city/country.

The other ways to keep in touch :

  • News websites - not very good though !! - http://www.ibnlive.vom..ndtv.com etc
  • Blogs - Highly recommend this if you find a blog which really gives you good idea of what's happening in your home country/city.
    • http://banglore.metblogs.com
  • Google Talk :) ..Yes keep chatting with your friends relatives often
  • SMS !! ..Not very fond of this ..but this helps too
  • Phone Call .. buy the cheapest card in the town :) ..I found "Tiger" Phone card very good. It provides 131 minutes of India calling for $8 :) ..There are others like Mustafa Calling card..
  • FLY - Yes one needs to really visit India to see what's happening :)

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