Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fund Card on Valueresearchonline website

I noticed a new feature on It is Fund Card. Goto to the "Mutual Funds" and select any Mutual Fund of your Choice from the list on the first page. On the right side of "Relative Performance " there is a BIG Adobe PDF Icon which says "Download Fundcard". Click on that and you get a Fund Card of the Fund you are looking at.

Its a great tool to analyze the fund in which you want to invest. Provides good summary of returns over a period. Some charts to understand performance. History of expense ratio. Expense ratio is something I have started looking recently. I guess it makes lot of sense to read this kind of stuff once in a while to understand what your fund or fund manager is doing !

With my personal experience so far(last 2 years) ..I would recommend following way to Invest in MFs

  • Invest in few Equity Diversified Funds only
  • Do not expect great returns always !
  • Do Invest rather than just saving the money(I will blog more on this!)
  • Track your portfolio every 3-6 monhs
  • Create a Net worth Statement & do update it every month(check out Build your own net worth calculator)
  • Do not over-diversify(i.e. do not try to invest in too many funds)
  • Understand your objectives of investing in Equity very well
  • Do book profits if you need too !
  • Do not book profits if you don't know what you will do with that money !
  • Read blogs on Equity Investing !! - My favorites I will post later
  • the list go on ....
I started investing very late in Equity & regret that time lost. Look at this handy Calculator to understand how you can benefit from compounding in long-term.


Anonymous said...

the fund card is indeed useful; it gives you a lot of info!assuming one wants to do a "reverse search"--look out for all the Value/Large cap funds(Equity) in the market, can u suggest a search engine ,rather than studying all the fund details?

Anonymous said...

I am referring valueresearchonline, and my suggestions is not to go by their star rating, i had invested in hdfc tax saver and prudence funds looking at the 5 star rating, but the performance was very bad especially since last 1.5 yrs,

Valueresearchonline reduced the ratings for these funds just this month (i wrote to them, but i dont claim that they followed my advice)

so i doubt the credibility of ratings

Sandeep said...

I guess more than having doubt in the credit rating from Valueresearchonline, its the timing that matters. I think need to catch up a lot in order to provide better and timely ratings! ..but we can't complain much as it is a FREE service :)