Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cost of living in Singapore - July 2007

I thought of updating "Cost of living Singapore" since I last wrote it in April-07. As I have been tracking my expenses using, it gives me good idea as to how the expenses are over a period of time.

I would put a word of caution here that these are just a guideline for "cost of living in Singapore". As the expenses vary a lot depending on the factors like, lifestyle, area of living, personal preferences etc ... But this post does provide a rough idea as to what you can expect when you move here in terms of fixed/variable expenses.

Also I talk to many people to get more understanding on how much they spend overall on a monthly basis for living(again based on moderate lifestyle). Which certainly helps if someone wants to move around Singapore.

All the below are Singapore Dollar values.

Rent: Rent is gone up :(. Yes, recently some of friends who moved in find that the the HDB flat which was around $1200-1300, is now available for $1500. So this is a cause of concern for many people. But there are still ways to get Rent under your budget
  • Avoid staying near City
  • Try to be firm on your budget when talking to Agents
  • Do not rent very near to MRT(But near to Bus stop is a must !!)
  • View flats as many as you can before you decide on one you want to stay.
Play school : Playschool fees varies a lot in Singapore. If you go for something which is near Condo or Landed Properties(a term used for Bunglow/House in Singapore!). You would have to shell out more for the playschool. Look out for more options near your accomodation before you decide on something. Remember, that expensive playschool does not mean it is good for sure. Talk to your friends before you enroll.

Internet: For Internet you have many options, so check all options before you decide on something. As this is a fixed expense & has penalty clause when you terminate the contract.

Grocery : Another big ticket item after rent !!. With GST increase from July 1st 2007, there is little hike in overall grocery expense.

Hope this helps !!

Reference : Cost of Living in Singapore 2008


Unknown said...

hello sandeep,

I have been following your blog for sometime now (mainly because of the "cost of living" post!). Its been one week since I moved to singapore. Pls write back so that we could correspond

Vidooshak said...

this is a good update. it will surely help anyone planning to move to a new country.

oddly enough, the same tips apply well to ANY country. come to think of it, one can use this to plan a move to city like Bombay!

congratulations on writing for Metro Blogging, as well. good job

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating this, it's very helpful.

the rent increases this year are driving me crazy (my lease expired early this year and the current prices are just nuts).

Amit said...


I will be moving to singapore from India. Any help on the rentals (HDB) is much appreciated. I am looking for an accomodation for me and my wife.


Ann said...

Hi Sandeep,

I'm thinking of moving to Singapore early next year. Are the prices you quote in Singapore dollars or US dollars?


Sanjeev Bhambri said...

Hi Sandeep,

this is good info.
I am visiting Singapore for around 6 months on a project.
Will be moving in around early November.
can you advise if I will be able to get any acco for this short duration, and if yes what would be approx cost
Lastly will I get a semi furnished place?

Would really appriciate if you can suggest and revert on this.


Sandeep said...

Hi Sanjeev,

Yes, you can get acco. for short duration. You need to check with some broker in order to get a good deal, as checking on web is sometimes difficult. The other option is to check the News paper classifieds once u are here. But again most of the ads there are from brokers.

The other website u can check while u are in india is :

hope this helps.

Sanjeev Bhambri said...

thanks sandeep.

My place of work is on Keppel Towers on Hoe Chiang Road...

whats the best place you suggest I should look for which is not too far & yet decent to stay.

I visited the site u suggested.. honestly to me everything looks great as I dont know much of the ares. Please advise.

Thanks once again.

Unknown said...

hi sandeep,
I am reading it for the first time and it is useful.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to move to Singapore from Bangalore. To have a decent life in Singapore what will be minimum package in Singapore currency required.

Chandrashekar. M G

James Chia said...

Hi, to update on the list, I think the utilities bill of S$100 is more for basic consumption without the use of aircon. In my home, my bill goes to S$200 and above. It's quite impossible to live without aircon in Singapore :D

Sandeep said...

thanks James for is true that usage Air condition of will increase the energy bills. But it can be controlled. We don't use AC that much, so utility bill is less. fortunately Singapore weather has been not very hot this year in my opinion. Also it depends whether your flat is on higher floor or that's another tip !

ruwanjayawweera said...

great job. Really helpful. Would really appreciate if you can blog on the taxing in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep

Thanks for the information. This is a very good and usefull information. I am moving to singapore from India in the month of Jan'08.

My concern is can we get indian food at a resonable price?


Sandeep said...

Indian food is available at most of the places in Singapore. Specially the food courts near offices, you will find Indian food of your choice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info.
My son is sitting for moe test on dec 7 2007, if he pass through, most probably we are moving to Spore next year Jan

Meanwhile,I am looking around for a job too. Question is, is it easier for me to use dependant pass then later convert to employement pass or try to get employment pass directly?

Mansour said...

Nice Blog!

I am planning to move to Singapore. The living cost of 2700 $ seems high!! What should be minimmum package I can get as a DBA to make any savings. Does salary package include accomodation + medical + transportation allowances. Any information regarding will be higly appreciated.

Thanx a lot

Sandeep said...

Mansoor and all others !

Thanks for the comments. The cost if living is not high, it seems high when you are looking it from Indian(or your own country perspective). It is manageable, when you look at alternatives available. For example, staying in HDB instead of Condo or staying in a not so popular area. As Singapore provides Island wide services as required to live comfortably, so it does not matter much as to where you live. Only thing is that you will have to spend little more time in traveling to your office location.

About package, what you can get is what you can get!. If you are not comfortable, please negotiate or try for more consultants/companies.

best of luck!

Anonymous said...

dear sandeep , could u please say something on the tax structure. Chatterjee

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,

Nice post...

I'm planning to move to Singapore later this year and every info about the cost of living really would help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep:

Thanks for all the valuable information. I am actually in Canada and moving to Spore after I get married as my fiance is studying there. As the rents are touching the roof, I was wondering if you can advise which websites I should visit while I look for work in Spore.

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,
The info was very useful.I'll be moving there next month. My work place would be Changi Business park. Can u pls suggest some places to look for an acco. one Hr travel would be ok for me.


Sandeep said...

Hi Sudhakar,

For you the suitable areas would be Tampines, Simei, Bedok..all are around 30/45 mins away & on the same MRT line as you would go. Also access by bus is also good.

hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,
need advise from you. On relocation to singapore, the organization is not paying for relocation of household. On looking through various websites, I find that the HDB flats / Condos are furnished. Are these accomodations furnished with Kitchenware (utensils, etc) or do i need to buy them there.
WOuld be grateful if you can throu some light..


Sandeep said...


thanks for reading my blog. Most of the time you would not have much kitchenware left by the earlier tenant. If you are lucky you might get some stuff though.

you should get stuff like Cooker, mixer from India with you...generally airlines allow extra baggage upto 20 kg without charging extra.

hope this helps


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of moving to Singapore tentatively in July 2008. Could you just advise as to what would be th cots of living there. I am moving with my wife and my son (who will be going to STD.4).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,
I found your blog more informative on Singapore. How much salary would be sufficient for a family moving there from india. Family size is 2+1 kid of nine years. It should be comforatble living and not luxurious though with a bit of saving. The office is situated at Alexendra Road.

Sandeep said...

Rattan ..please refer to :

Unknown said...

Dear Sandeep,

I have read some of your information which is very useful.

I am on the verge of getting a break in singapore.

If I want to live in Sigapore with my wife what will be thegeneral cost of living which should include hiusing, foods, entertainment, etc.


hi sandeep,
thanks for providing such an inmportant information. I will move to singapore in May,2008. my family size is 2 = 1 kid 2 years old. my office will provide me accommodation at 54, stevens road. is it there any creche? if yes then what is the fee of the creche for full day.

zibbs said...

Hi Sandeep...

Awesome information you have posted here. I am negotiating an offer with a Big 4 for Singapore. My family size if myself, my wife and kiddo (4 months) to be precise.

What wud be the breakeven that I shud negotiate given ur experience there?

Anonymous said...

When is the SGD is highest with respect to INR . I mean when to transfer money ?