Monday, May 14, 2007

Tracking Expenses : Using Buxfer

I have been tracking our expenses using Buxfer effectively & it is just great way to manage this stuff. It uses Google Authentication so no more new accounts too ...

This website also recently added a "budgeting" feature. Which I am yet to use it much. I will try to compile the "Cost of living Singapore" again with few more items added to the list !!

Take a tour of Buxfer here :

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Venki said...

Hi Sandeep,

You are really doing a very good work helping in providing information to people moving to SGP.

Regarding cancelling an e-ticket that is booked online at Indian Railway website (,iIt is not true that we need to go to counter. The cancellation too can be done online.

I wish your blog be one stop information center for anyone who is moving to SGP.

Why dont your post an article on Checklist before moving to Singapore, Do's and Dont's while at Singapore which will be very useful for someone moving there?

Venkata Ragavan M.S