Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Singapore : Rain City !!

Being coming here from Bangalore, India. I see lot of rain in Singapore since last 4 months I came here. Its good cooling effect when it rains. In Bangalore it used to rain only in a rainy season which is during june-july or sept ..

So when I first came to Singapore, I was asking this question about rainy season here & people laughed, it rains most of the time :)..So there is nothing like rainy season here ...

To checkout weather for Singapore : http://intranet.mssinet.gov.sg/nowcast/ ..pretty good forecast !!

Tips for people who are new to this city :

  • Carry a small Umbrella always
  • Book Taxi in advance when it is rainy day !..As there are more people looking for Taxi that day !!
  • Plan more time for travel when it rains as sometimes there is heavy traffic on highways & busy lanes.
  • go home early to avoid traffic :)
Some photos taken just now :

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Vidooshak said...

Good to see you blogging more in past few days. This picture was so enticing. It is so sweaty in Bangalore (almost like Bombay!!) this time. Thanks to the global warming thing, weather has never been like this before. We are waiting for rains... but we know once that happens, life will be worse. Roads, powercut and falling trees.

Bangalore used to be called "Garden City" once. Hope it becomes like that again soon!!