Monday, May 21, 2007

Singapore : Indian Restaurants

Singapore is generally good for Indian good for Indian Restaurant as there are plenty in all the areas. Mainly some are catering to the needs to the office people & others are in the areas where Indian people hang out more !! Mustafa, Little India etc ..

But it is very common to see Singaporeans also eating Indian food a lot & they like it !

There is a chain of restaurants called Komala's. Which gets lot of business as it is located in very strategic locations where lot of people go for office or shopping.

You can get a partial list of Indian Restaurants from here

But at the same time the food quality varies. So many people who are expecting good food at the price they pay may not be true always. So be prepared for the surprise always !!

Specially for Vegetarian people who do not eat meat or fish, it is tough sometimes to get good Indian vege food. So if you are living in Singapore, you really need to research before you step out in good mood to eat outside.

There are fake meat vegetarian food joints are also there, but  the taste may not be liked by many Indians. I have only tried few of them & it was ok ...

On an average in a restaurants the dishes are around $8-12 depends on the restaurant again.

I plan to put my reviews about some of the restaurants I have visited till date, probably it will help others !!

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