Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google !! ..See streets of America ..Street view

Google maps has a new view now, apart from earlier available like ..Satellite(shows you  view from top a s if you are in a plane), Traffic(shows you traffic situation in USA), Map(Map with street  information for most of the cities, Hybrid(combination of Map+Satellite).

So the new view is : Street View. Its amazing to see how they have done it.Street View lets you navigate down the streets of big cities like New York, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

I checked out the SFO street view & was amazed with it !!. Its an excellent use of information. Its like visiting that place in real. Its amazing to see the use of technology in such a way, I wonder how much information Google has like this & how they will put together in future :) ...

That brings me to a blog entry by : Steven Feuerstein, Google's goal to organise your daily life

So be ready for the future :)


Vidooshak said...

Google is taking over our lives like a phenomena. We hope that their use of technology will remain benevolent and help in growth of mankind. The abuse of Google may not come from Google itself, but the very people who deem to protect us from it.

Knowledge is power. Google has harnessed a lot of this power. It takes only a greedy government, a selfish management or a sneaky hacker to unleash that power on us.

Imagine if suddenly Google charged $1 per search one day. Many businesses would come to a stand-still till they paid up-- including writing of software code!!!

Nice post. Very relevant link to another good post.

Anonymous said...

Well, I dont know if you heard of a similar thing from Microsoft ( They have better views and better mapping. I believe Google became a brand on its own and it will be monopoly in search like Microsoft on desktop.