Sunday, March 25, 2007

Window Vista & Webcams :(

I was happy to have Windows Vista Business on my new laptop :) ...but not for long after I realized that my old(not too old) Logitech Webcam is not compatible with Vista :)

So here u go a new one :) ..not sure whether it is a strategy by Logitech or other vendors for not supporting the new OS by MS.

So now I know that it can happen to any of my old softwares/hardwares or something which was working earlier may not work properly first thing is to checkout for compatibility.

The most important thing is that here after whatever you buy make sure that it is Vista compatible. You may not be using it today but may use very soon. Also sometimes the hardware vendors might selloff the old not so compatible stuff for cheap to lure the customers ;)

So its long way to go for Vista !! ..propbably some device driver writers can start a new business :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sandeep,
Forget Vista. Switch to Ubuntu / Kubuntu or any other modern Linux version. You will never regret the switch.

Vidooshak said...


You did not write about how Vista is per se. Is it worth upgrading? Is there any real usability benefit or is the change merely cosmetic? Fancy graphics and icons? Slower loading?

Seems you got a nice laptop. My job switch left me with a sad old Dell D520. What a disappointment after the sexy Dell 700M that I used to have. Sigh!!

But laptops get outdated so fast, I am not interested in buying one for personal use. In my opinion, Desktops are still best for home. What do u think?

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