Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bangalore Wish lists !!

Living in Bangalore for more than 6+ years I always had several wish lists coming in my mind whenever I travel on roads & or discussing about infrastructure in Bangalore with my friends.

Recently I noticed some of my wish lists coming in reality ..It feels good about the positive change ..specially when you start noticing more of that ...

  • Closed Garbage Collection Trucks
    • Whenever I used to drive in my car to Office, I would see Garbage collection is done in a open truck everyday in the morning, stinking & putting garbage on roads while it moves along the path :(....But now I see all the trucks have been modified as Closed Trucks to carry the garbage !!
  • Good Roads
    • There are good roads been laid out on all the main road from my home to Office & even in the by-lanes !!..This is very good initiative by the BMP.
  • Footpath for Walking beside roads
    • This is another Wish List which is coming true in most of the areas in South Bangalore & other areas as I have seen them. The Path way is very much required on the side of the road for people walking on roads instead. It helps the traffic to move smoothly too.
The above is just something I thought I will share to help people who are looking to visit Bangalore or relocate Bangalore !!. As it definitely adds value to the City.

My other wish lists :

  1. Roads with divider for main roads leading to offices
  2. Driving time to the Airport/Railway Station to be reduced
  3. Ample Parking spaces for market areas
  4. More 24x7 Medical Shops

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice wishlist... good to see a lot of it coming true!

adding few from my end:

1) road separators to protect us from oncoming vehicle glares

2) better lit roads, so people wouldn't be on high-beam all the time

3) english signboards at bus-shelters and on buses so we can rely more on public transports

4) a HUGE crackdown on erring auto-drivers