Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pondicherry : Give Time a Break !! .. Travelouge

I went to pondicherry last weekend as I really wanted to "give time a break". Its been long time I have been thinking of going to Pondicherry !!

So now that I have some good data & photo's, I will write this blog on Pondicherry. Hopefully this will help others who wish to visit Pondicherry.

    • I used Maps as reference & some tips from my friends from "Indianhiways" Group from Yahoo Groups.
    • Overall the route is good, if you fill up enough Petrol/Diesal at Bangalore, you don't need to stop for Petrol en-route. But it seems the petrol is cheaper in Tamilnadu/Pondicherry :)
    • Reliance A1 Plaza after Hosur on left side of Highway is best for having Breakfast. After this point there are not many good(hi-fi) places to east. So you might consider stopping at Tiruvannmalai for Lunch probably.(Hotel Arya & Hotel Arunashala)
    • The Kms given above are approx. & depends where you start in Bangalore & where do End in Pondicherry.Most of the Beach resorts are on ECR(Pondi-Chennai Route)
  • Accommodation
    • Pondicherry has 2 kind of accommodation for tourists mainly.
      • Beach Resorts
      • City Hotels
      • There are Guest Houses also in Auroville & at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram
    • My Recommendation
      • My Recommendation is to stay at
        • Hotel Surguru, 104, SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL ROAD. PONDICHERRY 605001. TEL: +91-413-2339022. +91-413-2227290
          • Good Hotel with very good service
          • Excellent South Indian Food
          • Good Location, Near to all Attractions in Pondi.
        • St James Court Beach Resort
          • Good Resort on ECR Road(10 kms from Pondicherry)
          • Food is ok
          • Only if you need Beach Resort, this is good.
          • But in Ponicherry beaches are not that clean(specially on ECR). Also you cannot venture much into sea as it is dangerous as the slope is steep.
  • Travel Tips & Expectations
    • Its very important to keep realistic expectations with Pondicherry.
    • Can't expect the same service standards as of Bangalore at outskirts of pondicherry
    • Small place, good for 2 days only
    • Not much directions sometimes to roam yourself
    • Keep a Map handy
    • My advise is not to spend on Beach Resorts, instead stay at City Hotels, they are better equipped.
    • Spending is relative term(every bodies own choice). But I would not recommend anyone spending more than Rs.1200/- Accommodation, Its really not value for money.
    • Need to drive carefully on NH66 as you pass through villages, people/cattle cross or they put their grains on road(yes on NH) for sun bath :)
    • Overall travel time from Bangalore to Pondicherry is around 5.30 to 6.00 hours depending on your stops in between.
    • Very Comfortable Drive as most of the roads are in good condition
    • Checkout pics on by searching "pondicherry", "ECR", "Auroville", or "Aurobindo" ..This gives you an idea what you want there!!
    • Search for more blogs related to Pondicherry for exp. & reviews !!
  • Photos
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Anonymous said...

Thanks - quite useful. I stayed at a resort called the Dune - it was well above the Rs 1200/- budget you had suggested but it was really worth it ! (Just FYI).

Sandeep said...

thanks for the feedback.

Yes I agree, infact I also got feedback that The Dune ( is good. It starts at Rs. 3000 & up :) ..I have seen resorts upto 2.2k/night & they were not value for money.

Sandeep Agnihotri said...

Hey Sandeep/ Sunita... i am looking for some feedback on Dune hotel.... any idea about how are tower suite or Garden suites?

Unknown said...

Hey Guys need some tips and feedback as i am planning to visit pondi next weekend with a couple of my friends. Need assistance on beach resorts, safety and food and also if possible places to vist.

Unknown said...

Authicate lot of help from the article as I am planning for Pondicherry trip wth my parents..

Anonymous said...

It was really good we were planning to visit Pondicherry in about 4 days time, but can u tell me how is the weather in August?

Sindhu Ramakanthan said...

Concise and to the point article...
I am having trouble searching for budget hotels now.. Any tips.anyone?
Planning to be in pondi from 26th to 28th.

Sushanta Datta said...

Good Info. Infact I also had great fun in Pondy. Here's mine -