Friday, November 24, 2006

Getting experience before Getting Job in IT / Software

I just noticed this Post : Getting experience before getting a job

I will just paste what I commented out there for now & will try to write more in detail about my experience on the same topic.

"Great Post for people who are entering in IT profession. People out of collage often crib about not getting jobs with out experience, it is true sometimes when you don't have the skills to get the jobs. But there are many ways today as you suggested well. 10 year back when I started my career I could not think of anything other taking some project work with some company for FREE !! :)

I would like to add about ..excellent website which offers anyone for any skills(including tech. writting, movie making etc) to BID for projects listed & start working !! ..great way to build experience & get some money too."

This is a fact that jobs are plenty today & there are ways to get jobs/experience in IT than it was 10 years back. When people say that they are not getting job, there can be many reasons to that & that requires deep understanding starting from "Whether you really like to work in IT or you just came here because everybody is there".

I am writing a small article about my experience in IT area till date & also about some recommendations to people who are planning to enter this field & also for people are already there & probably trying to understand what more they can do here !!

So watch out for this blog soon.

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Bala said...

Hi Sandeep,

The link is broken. Is this the link you wanted to have?

btw, thanks for posting about the folk museam. I will try to visit sometime.