Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Learning Car Driving in India !!

Learning car driving is great fun in India. Specially with Car Prices falling down or Income rising !! ..Many people buy car & its a need sometimes.

But when it comes to learning Car driving, its tough to find good instructors. Also they charge you too much compared to what they teach you.

Some of the disadvantes of learning Car driving with Alternate controls :

  • You never get full control of the Car
  • The Instructor sitting next to you alway keeps his foot on clutch/break, failing you get the feel of car
  • He will press break even before you respond to a situation !!
  • He will adjust the Steering for you sometimes
  • Missing out important Instructions !!
  • You feel you know driving, but actually you know just basics
I would suggest to anyone would like to learn a Car is to go to a Driving School where the Car on which you are going to learn do not have alternate control. The advantges are as below. BTW, this is from my own expereince. My wife recently learned Car Driving on our own Car without alternative controls(offcourse !!). And the results were amazing, she learned faster than I could learn with driving school car !!

  • You get feel of Car Controls yourselves
  • You get to know the Clutch/Break faster than with alternative controls Car
  • You respond to situations yourselves that makes you more confident
  • Learning curve is faster & close to REAL world !
Enjoy Driving !!


prateek said...

dude,i'm a college passout and till my joining (for job) comes, i think it will be a great idea to learn driving.i hav 2 qns:
1)how long u took to learn?are u confident enough?
2)what's the fees where u learnt?

Sandeep said...

Hi ..thanks for the comment.

1) I could learn the basics and control the car in 1 month of practice.
2) fees depends ..range of 1500-3000 in bangalore.

best of luck!