Monday, October 23, 2006

Lalbaug Botanical Garden, Bangalore, India - Revisited !!

Its been long time I visited Lalbaug Botanical Garden in Bangalore, India !! ...The reason for not visiting it for long time is probably traffic towards Lalbaug & not not finding time :) .. btw the universal excuse of not finding time is not good I feel so sometime.

I was surprised to see the changes to Lalbaug which are done recently. So there are more reasons to visit this beautiful place with family & kids !!

  • Clean atmosphere
  • Good fresh air
  • Ample place for jogging or walking
  • Hassle free parking(depending on what time of the day u go !!)
  • New Zero B Water taps !!(Pure filtered water vending machines)
  • Much better maintained that what I saw earlier !!
  • Electric Golf Car ride for Rs. 100 !!

Specially the Zero B Water vending machines are great idea. So people need not carry their own water bottles.

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