Thursday, October 05, 2006

Driving Directions In India ..Online !!

Finally I have got the tool which provides me Driving Directions between 2 places in India :). This is still in beta, but looks impressive.

This feature was my wish list for long time, as I have seen this kind of system in place in US & Australia !! ..See my blog entry on 21st July about this :

My wish list in July-06

I can't believe that the wish will be fullfilled so soon :) ...


I tested the website feature Driving Directions with some areas I know & it looks ok. Though it may not have all areas, but its still useful for the people who are new to city & could like to know the place. Also I checked the route map from "Pune to Bangalore" & its quite accurate.

Have a look at what you get here :

Its a great service. Also the regular Maps are good as they are Interactive.

GIS overall has a good potential in India in my opinion. There are many companies building applications around it.


Anonymous said...

look at for maps of cities with driving and voice navigation with GPS devices

Anonymous said...

We recently launched a pilot/alpha of ( .. India's first portal providing Landmark-based Driving Directions.

In the pilot phase, the service is available in Delhi-NCR.

Please check it out and provide your critical feedback.

Cheers, Team.