Friday, September 08, 2006

Indian Highways on Yahoo Groups !!

You want to share your information or would like too know experiences of others on Indian Highways, Join "indiahighways" group on !!

I have been following-up on this group for more than a year now & the information is very helpful you are driving on Indian Highways.

Lot of
people in this group are regular travellers on Highways.

If you would like to know the status of Golden Quardilateral Project(This is a Highway Project started few years back when BJP was in power). This project is to connect Indian Highways with 4 Laned roads to cover major cities in India.

There are regular updates from National Highways Authority of India ( on progress of this project.

I generally track the ( to check the progress between Mumbai & Chennai route ..It seems form the July-31st update that this route is 4-laned aolmost 94.88%. I don't think this is the real status though. As when I saw some trip sheets from "indianhighways" group. It looks like that the Chitradurga To Hubli streach is in bad shape. Need to confirm from few more people who have travelled on NH4 recently.

On the positive note, I see the highway project being good for all. Though it is taking double the time it should have taken to complete, still its a good initiative by Indian Govt. to boost the economy & providing faster alternative means of transportation to people in India.

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