Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hong Kong : Ocean Park Review

Recently I had been to Ocean Park, Hong Kong . Its a huge amusement park with lot of activities planned for peopel visiting it. Its more like a adventure park with lot of rides & fun stuff.

My experience with Ocean Park was not so good that day as the weather was too hot & there was too much crowed on sunday there :(

Also its not a good idea to goto Ocean Park on Sunday. You should reach there by 10:00 am to get to see most of the theme parks with less crowed may be. We were standing in a queue for 45 min's to see Sea Jelly Fish Exhibit :) ...Jelly Fish are amazing ..I have been to another such Jelly Fish Aquarium which in California at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great place to be at. Its little away from SFO,but its worth visiting. The drive towards Monterey is also good. Also while coming back you can visit the 17 miles drive & Pebble beach !!

So if you are planning to visit Ocean Park with kids specially infants ..beware of following :

  • Expect Hot & sunny weather
  • On weekends there are just too many people
  • Lines to Exhibit have waiting period upto 1 hour sometimes :(
  • You cannot go in any rides with infants ..very few ..
  • There is too much to walk & see which is tough with Infants :)
  • Food is a issue for Strict Vegeterians :(
  • Carry plenty of Water with from Hong Kong City itself ..the water is 4 times expensive there compared to Welcome Store in the city :)
  • Umbrella & sun lotion is MUST !!
  • Check weather before you head out

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sandeep, nice to meet you!

I have never been to Hong Kong but I have a very good friend there and am hoping to visit it one day.

What can I say, the Ocean Park seems amazing, so many thins to see...I am sure you didnt know where to start from:)! And the website of the park is so special thast it tempts you even more..

If I get the chance to visit my friend in Hong Kong I am sure I wont miss the Ocean Park! Thanks a lot for the tips, I printed them out for future reference:)