Monday, September 25, 2006

Citibank ..Excellent Service !!

We always crib about services offered to us by various agencies. Bank is one of them !!. The new banks & modernisation bringing lots of changes into our lives everyday, we think everything should be automated the way we want :)

I had a very good experience with Citibank yesterday. I ordered a Demand Draft from their Internet Banking website at 8:30 am morning & the DD was received by me at my residence at 12:00 noon :) ..It was great service.

Always I have found that the DD was delivered next day without fail. This is the power of Internet & also using the services effectively. As with Internet Banking, local branches can effectively work together to deliver the services to their clients locally.

I have seen in the past some banks telling me like " Sir it will take 4 working days, as our Head Office is in Mumbai " :) . I always feel like telling the person on phone(call center), that how does it matter to me where your HQ is ? !! ..But yes there are still some banks are old fashioned inspite of having good infrastructure in place.

There are other examples of Banks where the Call Center closes at 6:00 pm :) ..In this world of outsourcing its hard to imagine big companies still following old times !

I like Citibank at least for their Draft service !!

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