Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bank Service ..ICICI

Recently there was another incident I came across which reflects the service orientation of a bank. ICICI Bank !!

Let me say that overall till date I have liked the Online services of ICICI & they are much ahead of many banks in using the technology at its best !!

But recently when they wanted all of their Demat Account holders to show PAN Card proof, they did not manage it very well. Which in any case was very easy to manage otherwise :

  • They sent an intimation via Email/Website to ask customers to show up their original PAN Card & PAN copy for some SEBI requirement
  • No detailed process given
  • Customer were supposed to fill up one Form with some Details, which was missing from the mailer they sent
  • At the branch office there was no clue as to how do I proceed to go thru this entire process
  • Many people were taking Token # at the machine & sitting that they will be called !!..No one called :(
  • After some enquiries with few counters, there was one counter where the person was accecpting the Forms :)
  • So it was acutally very easy process, but was made tough for customer without detailed knowlegde

What was expected :

  • Provide detailed step-by-step instructions by mailer
  • Provide the PAN Card Update Form in the mailer & at the bank branch entrance
  • Create a Seperate counter at the entrance of the bank to accept the PAN Copy & verify Original Pan Card
  • May be accept Notary attested PAN Card Copies by mail
  • All Branches should have to facilitate, not just the one which provides Demat Services.

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