Monday, August 14, 2006

The Peak Tram & Gujarathi Thali in Hong Kong

I dedicate this post to my friend ..Ashish ...He mentioned me about this Indian Restuarent ..

I did a trip to The Peak Tram in Hong Kong. Its a place on top of hill where the Tram takes on a very very steep ride !! ..The ride is just 10 mins one & costs HKD 20 for going & $10 for return. Its a nice way to make money ..on the top there is a Madame Tussauds wax museam for $120.00

The Tram trip is very nice ..its I guess takes a you almost at 45 degree angle ...very very steep.

On the top there is a water fountain & some shops ..infact its like a mini mall !! ..Hong Kong is a city of malls !!

I came back to Central station from The Peak Tram station ..walking all the way ..I guess walking the way u can enjoy the city more !!..

Took MTR to Wan Chai ..Where I found the Pure Indian Restuarent called "Khana Kahazana" ..I had my own doubts about it being Pure Veg. ..but after seeing the menu was really offering only Veg dishes ..

I took Gujarathi Thali ..for $76.00 had 3 Chapatis, 1 Alu Sabji, 1 Beans Curry, 1 Papad, Kichadhi, Kadhi & Gulab Jamun !! ..good meal for $76.00 in HK. Its near to Wan Chai MTR Station has to take the "C" Exit ..

I last 1.5 days ...I have figured out the MTR Map & know how to go around HK..atleast in HK Island ..

more later

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