Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hong Kong : Infrastruture

I like the way Hong Kong govt has setup the infrastruture ..its good for people. Even a person just landed in HK can take a map & MTR Octopus pass & go around the city without asking any body. I could find Indian Restuarents with just their addresses on internet !!

For all the main areas like Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai..finding a address is not tough. HK is set of Islands ..I went took the ferry went to Kowloon Island in just 15 mins with $2.3 only !! ..

Govt. does lot of promotion itself for tourism as they earn lot of revenue coz that its good money for them as well as for business.

One needs to be good at reading maps helps a lot ..Keep a reference point which u know in case ouo lost ..that way atleast u can reach upto that point !!

One more observation is that indian restuarents are plenty here ..I went to 3(Jo Jo Indian, Khana Kahazana, Indian Palace(Near Tsim Sa Sui Ferry station) of them already in 3 days !

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