Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hong Kong : Infrastruture

I like the way Hong Kong govt has setup the infrastruture ..its good for people. Even a person just landed in HK can take a map & MTR Octopus pass & go around the city without asking any body. I could find Indian Restuarents with just their addresses on internet !!

For all the main areas like Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai..finding a address is not tough. HK is set of Islands ..I went took the ferry went to Kowloon Island in just 15 mins with $2.3 only !! ..

Govt. does lot of promotion itself for tourism as they earn lot of revenue coz that its good money for them as well as for business.

One needs to be good at reading maps helps a lot ..Keep a reference point which u know in case ouo lost ..that way atleast u can reach upto that point !!

One more observation is that indian restuarents are plenty here ..I went to 3(Jo Jo Indian, Khana Kahazana, Indian Palace(Near Tsim Sa Sui Ferry station) of them already in 3 days !

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Peak Tram & Gujarathi Thali in Hong Kong

I dedicate this post to my friend ..Ashish ...He mentioned me about this Indian Restuarent ..

I did a trip to The Peak Tram in Hong Kong. Its a place on top of hill where the Tram takes on a very very steep ride !! ..The ride is just 10 mins one & costs HKD 20 for going & $10 for return. Its a nice way to make money ..on the top there is a Madame Tussauds wax museam for $120.00

The Tram trip is very nice ..its I guess takes a you almost at 45 degree angle ...very very steep.

On the top there is a water fountain & some shops ..infact its like a mini mall !! ..Hong Kong is a city of malls !!

I came back to Central station from The Peak Tram station ..walking all the way ..I guess walking the way u can enjoy the city more !!..

Took MTR to Wan Chai ..Where I found the Pure Indian Restuarent called "Khana Kahazana" ..I had my own doubts about it being Pure Veg. ..but after seeing the menu was really offering only Veg dishes ..

I took Gujarathi Thali ..for $76.00 had 3 Chapatis, 1 Alu Sabji, 1 Beans Curry, 1 Papad, Kichadhi, Kadhi & Gulab Jamun !! ..good meal for $76.00 in HK. Its near to Wan Chai MTR Station has to take the "C" Exit ..

I last 1.5 days ...I have figured out the MTR Map & know how to go around HK..atleast in HK Island ..

more later

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hong Kong !!

In Hong Kong on a business trip.

The city seems to be good in terms of Transportation & food in general that's what I have seen till now !! ..From Airport to Hotel by Hotel Shuttle it took 40 mins ..Hotel is at good location over looking Harbour !!..

There is a Indian Restuarent nearby, so thats a good part ..

Food seems in this hotel seems to be expensive to me ..Just a Grilled Sandwitch is $130 :) ..Also breakfast is expensive $180 ..comparing this to some of the hotels in California like Summerfileds Suites in belmont ..this looks to me expensive ..but I guess back in India the similar hotel(i mean 4-5*) do charge the same thing :) ..USA is expception in sometimes.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good things in life !! :

Today I reached my office in 7 minutes (yes 7 minutes for 3.5 kms !!) from my apartments parking to office parking lot !!

Earlier I used to take 15 minutes & 7 kms to reach office :(

The wait is over..the Underpass at Jayadeva Hospital Intersection was completed yesterday & it is something I have been waiting for 2+ years !!

No Traffic Jams, No Signals !!

See one of Blogs mentioned about this work when it was in construction stage : Construction at Jayadeva