Monday, July 17, 2006

Oracle Certified Associate : OCA 10g !!

I just cleared my 10g OCA !!

It was a good experience to refresh my knowledge on Oracle 10g Database. I was thinking about giving this exam for long time :) ..I thought its a good way of learning new technology & enhance skills in a area on which you do not work daily.

There is lot of debate our OCP/OCA overall & I do not want to get into that ..:) Personally I feel it does help a person to enhance the skills its being done in right spirit & not just by cramming the exam guides & dumps !!

Advantages of Certification
  • New Feature Knowledge
  • Enhanced skills in a area you want to learn more
  • Good understanding of concepts
  • Get into Reading/practicing something new apart from routine work !!
Again OCP is not substitute for any experience. Oracle Database has such a varied & vast architecture, its not possible to claim expereince just on the basis of exams. One needs o have good practical real life experience in order to be a good Oracle DBA !

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Me And My Life said...

Hi Sandeep!
Read your post!
Congratulations for being Oracle DBA Certified!
I am very much interested in pursuing a career in Database Technology. Can you, If possible , Guide me through the career path by doing a certification like OCA->OCP->OCM. How about job opportunities?
Please Reply,
Thanks and Regards,