Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Indian Postal Service : SpeedPost Getting Better !!

I had another nice experience with Indian Postal Services : SpeedPost Service specially.

I had one important letter which I posted with SpeedPost on 5th July 2006 to Pune. I was expecting it to be delivered on 7th July 2006 by evening. But it did not.

So I called the SpeedPost Manager at GPO Bangalore to inquire about it on 8th July. The lady politly took all the details & assured me that she will call me back for the status.

To my surprise, SpeedPost Manager called me back in the evening to confirm that the letter is delivered & it was delayed due to heavy rains in Mumbai !!. I am happy to see that the Tracking works & even if the Internet Tracking is not working for some reason, you can call the SpeedPost Managers.

Its good to see the service being improved & responsive when you need.

I wonder how many of us use Indian Postal Services & what their expereinces are ?

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Anonymous said...

One of the hitherto 'overworked' underpaid services, the postal dept, now boast of a new generation 'new look' .
But funnily enough if you try to post internationally:
1) the postal online site sometimes doesn't open
2)if it does the provided links for tracking are no longer correct(even if you bother to email the administartor the changes don't get implemented'
3)some parcels coming in from outside India take 3 months to get 'processed' WOW!!!
4)some parcels arrive with a cute letter saying a flap was open (when the sender is one of those paranoid folks who goes over it a 100 times with duct tape),,,inspite of being 'registered airmail with tracking' & obviously with the main items missing with no indication as to at WHICH STAGE the problem arose...ha!ha! they are supposed to 'register' the progress at each stage though.

In short the Postal service still serves as a reminder of the uncertainity of humanity....when the postman comes ...he comes....its all 'karma'