Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Indian Mutual Funds ..How to find SIP Return !!

With the market being volatile ..everybody talks about doing SIP with Mutual Funds than bulk inivestments. But sometimes its hard to understand & find what is the SIP return for a particular Mutual Fund in Indian Market ..

So here is the solution :

Note the URL :
(For this above URL, you need to Login to

This above URL will provide SIP as well as Obsolute Return for a given fund for an AMC.

For Example :

Magnum Contra - Growth for Jan-2006 to June-2006 :

Annualised SIP Return over period : -3.31%
Non-SIP return(absolute) over period : 16.33%

Franlin India Prima - Growth for Jan-2004 to June-2006

Annualised SIP Return over period : 34.76%
Non-SIP return(annualised) over period : 31.72% (note the return here !!)

Again an caution that, do not go by the misconception that Obsolute return will provide more returns than SIP. This is only true for market which is having upword trend, which was the case for last 1 year ...not more it seems !!

So now you are more smarter to understand the SIP ;)

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Anonymous said...

Please explain what a "return" means? Is it the same as interest provided by banks etc which is compounded yearly?