Monday, July 03, 2006

Coincidence !! ..6 Years

Today July 3rd 2006 is Monday. July 3rd 2000 was Monday too. But not on 2001/2/3/4/5 !

What a conincident !! ... July 3rd 2000 was Monday, when I joined Oracle India, Bangalore. Today I have completed 6 years here ..Today also Monday 3rd July-2006 !!

So many years past, I met all the 3 people who joined along with me on the same day & said "Congratulations"!! What a surprise to see them here :) ..I mean they are still here !!. In these 6 years I have seen people coming & going(part of Software job !!)..But we 3 who joined on the same day are still here ..working for the same organisation/Line of business there something in the Date ?

I still remember the day I first came to Bangalore from Pune & my first day of joining. Surprisingly I do not remember much about the same joining experience for my previous companies whom I worked with !! ..It was nothing special that happend when we joined at Oracle, but its that the moment we entered the office & waiting in a conference room for HR person to come ..are still in my memory like a Digital Image :)

So many things changed in last 6 years !! ...But good memrories(& somtimes bad !!) always stays with you :)

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