Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Printing Digital Images for FREE ..In India !!

Yes, you heard it right ..I came across : Its an Indian website offering FREE printing of 4x6 digital photos if you refer a friend. I tried the website, its good. Some of the things I like :

  • Prints of 4x6 @ Rs. 4.50 !! : Shipping @ Rs. 36.00 upto 50 prints.
  • Good & Simple Appearence
  • Useful User Interface
  • Fast Upload & View.
  • You get started Instantly

There are plenty of Photo Album websites to store Photos, but very few offers services @ Rs.4.5/per photo in India. Which is as good as going to a Photo Studio & getting your digital Photo's printed.

One of the other popular website I reviewed

KodakEasyShareGallary : : This is Indian version of Kodak Gallary in USA. · You can order prints which can be delivered thoughout India. ·

  • The cost is Rs.10.00 for 4x6" : Shipping @ Rs. 45.00 :( ..very expensive·
  • Website has different look than its parent popular website :·
  • Website is very slow ..I have tried it many times for past 2-3 months..same response.
  • Appearence & Ease of operation is not so good.

There are others too who just offer Photo Album services without printing services in India :·

I would try the services with Picsquare & will post my feedback here !! Specially when the website is managed from Bangalore !! ...This is a venture by 2 Indian Entrepreneurs

enjoy !!


Anonymous said...

Have a look at too. I find it a good service too.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at too. I found it to be a good service too.

Vidooshak said...

the service has become very slow after a revamp in the GUI. the problem with indian entrepreneurs seems to be the focus on technology over user-friendliness. i am sure the new picsquare uses every technology the creators learnt last year--- but the simple old site was much more intuitive!!!